A reusable Co2 powered, time-delay activated paint hand grenade. Frag your way through the battlefield with our most versatile and useful products. The infantryman's explosive back-bone. Clear rooms, bunkers, and practically anything behind cover. With a MilSpec 5m kill radius, 15m danger zone, and a cook-able 3-5 second time delay, the full power of the hand grenade is finally in your hands.

Estimated Availability Date: April, 2020



A reusable Co2 powered, remote-detonated or trip-wire activated Claymore style paint mine. Set up the trip-wire, and don't look back... Or, be your team's demo man and set this up with remote detonation to turn any 30' cone into an instant kill zone.  Wait until your enemies are within the blast radius, squeeze the trigger, and observe the savagery.

Estimated Availability Date: August, 2020

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