AirStrike Systems is a Veteran Owned company which designs and sells innovative Paintball and Airsoft weapon systems which enhance gameplay realism and provide players with a competitive advantage.


Damn do we love MilSim sports.  But there is a big disconnect between the military and simulation aspect of our beloved game.  AirStrike Systems was started with the goal of bridging this gap through innovation, community building, and co-creation.


We design our products in-house and rigorously test each product with active MilSim players as they go through product development.  Once a product exceeds our "combat ready" quality assurance tests, they are ready for deployment.


To augment MilSim sports through the design, manufacture, and deployment of innovative, realistic weapon systems.  We will enhance gameplay and provide MilSim sports players with a competitive advantage by taking the realism of tactical warfare from the battlefield and placing it in their hands.


Community:  MilSim sports are, and has always been, a community-centered team sport.  We believe this culture should develop far before the first shot is fired; we believe it starts with sharing, guiding, and co-creation.

Honor, Courage, Commitment:  The same principles which apply in the U.S. Marines apply to AirStrike Systems.  As a Veteran Owned business, we take these principles very seriously and believe they are critical in successfully implementing a positive experience for every customer.

Giving Back When all is said and done, it is how much we are able to give back with which we measure our success.  Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to this philosophy through mentoring, and  fundraising, donating, and volunteering our time at local charity foundations.  If you would like to lend a hand in any of these efforts, please contact us here, or click on any of the links below to get started with charities we are currently involved with.


To implement AirStrike MilSim products into actual military training IOT provide the most realistic explosive disarmament and deterrence training for U.S. troops available.

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